The Amazing Wisker DiskŪ




Over 90% of the most basic de-reeling problems can be solved, simply by using a Wisker Disk, and that holds true regardless of wire, spool size or type of winding machine.


A Wisker Disk helps prevent wire from waterfalling, ballooning, breaking and tangling (with itself and other wires) by maintaining a slight, constant tension at all times. And it is just as efficient regardless of whether the spool is in a horizontal or vertical position.


A Wisker Disk also creates the pre-tension necessary when using other tensioning equipment and provides instant wire control during the quick starts and stops of today's high speed winding.


Wisker Disks come in a variety of sizes for light, heavy and extra heavy wire gauges.


For over 35 years Azonic Products has been the world's leading manufacturer of precision tensioning devices for the coil winding industry.


The full range of tensioning equipment, rack mounting systems for multiple winding operations and, of course, their original "Wisker DiskŪ" has made the name Azonic synonymous with quality, economy and dependability.