Coil Winding Machinery - WK2 Handwinder


Technical Specification

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Based on a substantial aluminium casting, the WK2 Handwinder has 1:1 or 4:1 spindle turns per handle revolution according to the position of the handle.


The counter is angled towards the operator, gives up and down count and is driven from the spindle. The counter is re-set by push button.


The main spindle, supplied with a spindle nose threaded to suit standard 3-jaw chucks, runs on bronze bushes and the steel drive gear sizes are generous. Holes are provided in the base for bench mounting.

The machine can also be supplied with:
  • 3-Jaw Keyless Chuck
  • 3-Jaw Chuck And Key
  • Anti-Reverse Capability
  • Tailstock Assembly
  • Alternative Ratios
  • Spindle Nose To Customer's Requirements
  • Tooling To Suit Customer's Requirements