Coil Winding Machinery - TD4T Traversing


Technical Specification

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Pitch Range:   0 - 10mm Spindle Speed:   Variable up to 6,000 rpm
Coil Diameter:   Up to 300mm Supply:   240V 50 Cycles 10 Amp
Winding Length:   Up to 250mm Motor:   0.75 kW
Control System:   1,000 Programmes      

The model TD4T traversing machine is mounted upon a sub-table fitted with low friction linear slides and a zero backlash ball leadscrew. This allows the whole machine (including bobbin) to traverse back and forth.


The machine features a quality built, high speed, single head winder, controlled by a well proven microprocessor unit, governing number of turns, pitch, homing direction, spindle rotation and speed.


All machines are equipped with a fail safe brake, polycarbonate guard, and are CE certified.