Coil Winding Machinery - TD4T Flywinder


Technical Specification

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Winding Machinery



Wire Diameter:   Up to 1mm Spindle Speed:   Variable up to 2,000 rpm
Winding Length:   Up to 20mm Supply:   240V 50 Cycles 10 Amp
Rotor Diameter:   25 - 80mm Motor:   0.75 kW
Rotor Width:   Up to 40mm      
Control System:
CNC 210s - incorporating 1,000 winding programmes, each programme dictating number of turns, acceleration, deceleration, winding speed, pitch, direction of rotation and flyer stopping position.
Start Sequence:   Push Button Rotor Clamping:   Pneumatic
Table Index:   Manual / Pneumatic Rotor Positioning:   Spring-Loaded Plunger / Pneumatic
Table In/Out:   Manual / Pneumatic      
Tension Control:
  • Azonic 4C3000 (For Wires 0.3 - 1.5mm)