Coil Winding Machinery - TD4T


Technical Specification

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Wire Pitching:   0.05mm - 2mm Spindle Speed:   Variable up to 6,000 rpm
Coil Diameter:   Up to 300mm Supply:   240V 50 Cycles 10 Amp
Winding Length:   Up to 250mm Motor:   0.75 kW
Traverse:   Up to 10mm      
The Model TD4T features a quality built, heavy duty, single head bench winder, controlled by a well-proven microprocessor unit, with a memory capacity capable of storing 1000 programmes. Each programme will control start position, winding width, wire diameter, number of turns, acceleration, winding speed, deceleration and winding direction. All machines are equipped with a fail- safe brake, polycarbonate guard, and are CE certified.
Variations in mechanical specification are offered, for example:
  • With or Without Traverse
  • With or Without Tailstock
  • Low Speed High Torque Gear Motor
  • More Powerful Drive Motor
  • Foot Pedal Speed Control
  • Multiple Wire Guides
  • Long Machine Bed To Customer's Requirements
  • Foil/Strip Support Table Option
  • Tooling To Suit Customer's Specification
  • Jog Pedal To Assist Taping etc.